Transportation of People and Transport VIP in Poland

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If you are looking for a reliable transport of persons, carried aboard luxury cars, we invite you to read Our offer. BusinessBus The company specializes in the Professional Organizations of all kinds of trips. Transportation of people yet never not as comfortable How Now!

VIP transport for something more than just a ride from point A to point B – What counts here is comfort and professionalism. Type the Transport has a huge effect on the impression of what cause a company with partners. It is worth to invest in the services of professionals, as just BusinessBus – a completely new quality in the field of Vip Transport!

Hiring a bus driver

Whether you need a bus to transport people to a wedding, airport transfers or transport VIPs, offer BusinessBus perfectly designed to meet these needs. We are distinguished by reliability, punctuality and professionalism – principles that are the foundation of every business has also become a guiding motto BusinessBus!

We are able to offer the highest standard of transport – our company’s fleet consists of modern and luxurious buses Mercedes-Benz V-Class. These cars are real living rooms on wheels – elegantly decorated interiors and swivel seats allow you to turn the passenger in the mini-room, ideal for business discussions.

We offer convenient and comfortable transportation in Warsaw, Polish and Europe. All courses are carried out by drivers with experience in passenger transport. Comfortably we take and we will bring you at any point. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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BusinessBus is a company dedicated to the transport of passengers by buses of the highest class. Our offer is for people who appreciate the convenience, professionalism, comfort and safety. They ensure that our drivers. We offer a wide range of services: business trips, integration of tourist. We are able to virtually any form of travel. Every trip is different, because our side is to create an individual offer for your journey.




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Our fleet will satisfy the most demanding customers . It is equipped with state of the art systems and facilities to Your journey was the most comfortable and safe. We make sure that our service is comprehensive, so you can count on the full commitment on our part.





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We are a new fast growing company in the transport market. Systematically we are expanding our offer and we are working on constant development and improvement of our company. We rent vehicles with driver, all over the country and abroad. Our offer is addressed both to companies and individuals who appreciate high comfort.